Sustainable development has touched various domains for several years (standards, labels, etc.). Live performance is concerned too, and one cannot ignore the development and growth initiatives in this area.

In order to improve events management and to minimize their impacts (social, economical and environmental), it is essential that technical service providers subscribe to this initiative, finding new ways and new methods of work.

Synpase involvement for sustainable development (since 2004) became reality with the signature of the Charter “Eco-Events” (November, 22nd 2006). Today, Synpase is going further by creating a practical tool dedicated to help technical providers in order to improve their sustainable development performances.

This approach helped us to highlight the main impacts of the profession: waste reduction and energy management. Beside ecological issues, this tool also considers social and economic matters. This device is made for companies which care about their footprints and social impacts. The aim is to create a virtuous circle and to spread best practices.

The philosophy of this initiative is to involve as many companies as possible, to put them out and linked them so they can share their innovations.

Prestadd® is meant to be a collaborative tool.